Saturday, November 7, 2009

Billion Superthermo 70 exhaust wrap

Protect your headers, turbos and manifolds by insulating them with Billion Superthermo 70 exhaust wrap. Keeps engine bay temp at low by restricting heat produced by hot exhaust headers and turbos, hence making IAT at low temp and provides efficient and smoother engine performance.

APEX-i Pen type Auto Timer (Taiwan)

Slim and elegant apex-i auto timer flushly goes well with your interior
with it's slim design, space saving and great features. Keeps your engine (turbo and n/a)
well maintain and enhances its lifespan by providing sufficient idle time before the ignition is cut.

-manual timer
-auto timer
-handbrake safety release
-voltage display
-o2 voltage display

RM130 for blue LED
RM120 for red LED

call edi 0125942245 for more info.

Performance Air Filters ETC

Performance Air Intake Systems are up for grabs to enhance your engine's breathing and producing more output.

HKS Super Powerflow (Mushroom) Open Pod Air filter universal fitting

HKS Mushroom Filter replacement Element

Cold Air Intake Hose kit complete with clamps and funnels

call edi 0125942245 for details

Original Pivot Products

Pivot's famous line ups of proven voltage stabilizers to enhance your car's performance
and improves your mileage by providing and auxiliary capacitor to store enough charges of usable
electricity for all your car's electrical and electronic needs and regulates your car's voltage and
keeping the current from spiking.

Pivot Megaraizin VS-M with embedded voltage LED indicator
to monitor your car's battery health and performance.

Pivot Raizin Blue VS-E with capacitor rating at 11,000microfaradh
complete with 5 point Pivot Grounding/Earth cable

call 0125942245 edi for more details

Car Horn and 5 tone Haler

Car Horn and 5 Tone Haler
RM60 without installation
3 months manufacturer's defect warranty

sms 0125942245 for more details

Thursday, July 30, 2009


material:black fiber
FOC installation N/p rm150
for now only spoiler is available separately

Sunday, July 26, 2009

SSCUS Racing Harness

Hye guys. Looking for anyone with a sscus harness w black colour to trade w mine which is red in colour. Anyone?
Condition of my item is very new and tip-top

Either trade, or Im letting it go for Rm230 (nego) Grin Mana2 pun boleh.


call jelutongkiddo 012 6366589

item SOLD